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Highland Wealth Management is a financial services firm committed to helping you work toward improving your long-term financial independence. Our customized programs seek to help grow and conserve your wealth with thoughtful decision-making and personalized service.

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As the saying goes, 90% of personal finance is personal. That is why a great relationship with your advisor is important to us.

Choosing a financial advisor is an important decision and no easy task. A financial advisor must focus on a client’s individual vision and purpose of wealth. We encourage you to do your due diligence before committing to one.

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We seek to build, manage, preserve and transition wealth for anyone!

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A power of attorney (POA) can grant you certain authority and specific responsibilities. While the extent and limitations of POAs can vary based on many factors, stepping into the role of power of attorney can be unlike anything else. That’s because it puts you in the driver’s seat to make key decisions and oversee vital needs for someone else. That doesn’t mean that POAs come with carte-blanche powers or that one power of attorney will mirror another. Explaining how POAs work, this guide shares more fundamentals, detailing some common types of powers of attorney and the responsibilities you may have as an agent of one of these devices.
With healthcare costs often resembling an unpredictable market, and long-term care expenses looming, the post-work years require careful financial planning. This blog post advocates for partnering with a financial professional to navigate these challenges, offering tailored guidance on Medicare, long-term care funding, and retirement law changes. By preparing strategically, retirees can confidently set sail into their golden years, free from the turbulence of unforeseen financial burdens.